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Proper Badger Would Never!


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie meets No, David! in this hilarious story of misbehavior and misadventure with a very proper badger.

Proper Badger has been invited to a party. He is quite pleased. He will wear his best coat and bow tie and be a very proper guest. He most certainly won't ruin the party because of his badger antics because, as Proper Badger assures us, he will be on his best behavior.*

Dig his claws into the cake? Have a little accident on the rug in the hallway? He would NEVER.

From debut author Lauren Glattly and New York Times bestselling illustrator of Seth Meyers's I'm Not Scared, You're Scared!,Rob Sayegh Jr., comes an uproarious tale about a badger who just can't suppress his badger-like tendencies. Perfect for fans of We Don't Eat Our Classmates and the Pig the Pug series!

*No, he won't.