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The Mystery of Locked Rooms
The Mystery of Locked Rooms

The Mystery of Locked Rooms


From the acclaimed author of Scritch Scratch and What Lives in the Woods comes a fast-paced mystery adventure, in which three twelve-year-old best friends must solve a series of impossible riddles or risk losing everything

Sarah Greene wants nothing more from her seventh-grade year than to beat the hardest escape room left in her town with her best friends, West, and Hannah. But when a foreclosure notice shows up on Sarah’s front door, everything changes. Since her father became chronically ill two years ago, things have been tough, but not lose your house tough...until now.

Sarah feels helpless until the day Hannah mentions a treasure rumored to be hidden in the walls of an abandoned funhouse. According to legend, three brothers dreamt of building the most epic funhouse in existence. They wanted their experience to be more than mirror mazes and optical illusions, so they not only created elaborate riddles and secret passages, but they also claimed to have hidden a treasure inside the funhouse.

Once in, Sarah, West, and Hannah realize the house is unlike any escape room they’ve attempted. There are challenges, yes, but they feel personal. Like the triplets knew who would get in. It seems impossible, but so does everything about the house. As the trio climbs through trap doors, swings from wall-to-wall on ropes, and searches for hidden keys, Sarah worries she got her friends into too much danger, but there’s no turning back. Not when her future is at stake.